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FejDesigns is a full-service web agency specializing in web design and web development located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. Our company strives to assist customers with today's Technology and our number 1 priority is to meet customers needs, and allow our customers to adequately market their product online with a modern, reasonable, and attractive website. In order to accomplish this, we get to know our customer and their products to better produce a web design layout we know our customer will be satified with. Please browse through our site and contact us if you have any questions.

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My web designing/developing career began in 2001 at The University of Texas At San Antonio for the Office of International Programs.

Web Designing/Developing

fejDesigns is here to assist any small or large business to launch or improve their existing website.


Computer Repair

Computers are prone to malfuntion from time to time, but when that occurs, you should be able to trust someone to honest provide you with first class service to repair your system.... Read more...

Virus Fact!

Data files cannot carry viruses because such files carry data, not programs. Only an executable program file can carry a virus. But there is a catch. What you believe to be just a data file may include some legitimate executable code, and this code could be infected.

For example, a Microsoft Word document contains only word processing data, so it could not be infected. But a Word template file contains a small program known as a "macro," that could be infected. Similarly, a simple e-mail message is just data, but an email message that includes a Word template file could carry a virus in that file.

Don't let your Web browser or e-mail application to launch Word automatically when it encounters a document. Open the application first, then read the file. This will minimize the chance of infection from a virus intended to infect the boot sector (start-up program) of your Word application.


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